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A further stoat

In his role as Pest Control Coordinator, Denis Rogerson reports another stoat capture, but this time in Mexted Reserve, in May 2021. Great to see this work being so effective. Our precious native birds will be so much better off for one less powerful predator out there. Awesome work. You can read more about stoatsContinue reading “A further stoat”

Propagation Unit May 2021 Carol and James

Nursery in action May 2021

The latest working bee in the new nursery involved potting up flaxes. With 125 flax plants in PB3’s with this awesome effort the second shade-house is being put to great use. Carol Andrews, Joanne Youthed and James Wright seen here potting up flax seedlings and watering them. Thanks to Ross Denton who supplied timber forContinue reading “Nursery in action May 2021”

Redwood bush track

Delighted with Redwood Bush

Below is an excerpt of some very happy feedback from a Tawa resident, relating their special experiences over the years with Redwood Bush – their ‘bit of paradise’ “… I am very impressed by some of the improvements made to our track through the Tawa Redwood Bush. I have walked the track every day, rainContinue reading “Delighted with Redwood Bush”

Pest control in Tawa bush reserves

Denis Rogerson, from the FOTBR committee, reports on the monitoring and maintenance of approximately 100 bait stations and 25 traps in the Tawa reserves. These are used to control possums, rats, mustelids and hedgehogs and are important for the health and vitality of native flora and fauna Although possum numbers are well down, historically speaking,Continue reading “Pest control in Tawa bush reserves”

Yellow pohutukawa flower Wilf Mexted Reserve

Did you see this? A yellow flowered pohutukawa tree in Tawa

December brings a greater awareness of pohutukawa trees (Metrosideros excelsa) due to the bright red-coloured flowers. However, a tree near 300 Main Road, Tawa had distinctly yellow flowers. Some trees can have white, pink or yellow-coloured flowers. However, apart from the flower colour, the other features of the tree are typically the same as theContinue reading “Did you see this? A yellow flowered pohutukawa tree in Tawa”

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