A new book about Tawa, available in October 2022

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Redwood Bush, Tawa

This book will be launched at 6pm on Tuesday 18 October 2022 in the Tawa Community Centre, Cambridge Street.

This is author, Gilbert (Gil.) Roper’s third publication relating to Tawa. He was motivated to write this new book: Redwood Bush, Tawa after reading how Redwood Bush was saved when the Redwood subdivision began making inroads into the native bush for housing development in the 1970s. Many Tawa residents objected seeing pristine native bush destroyed. Ultimately, the Tawa Borough Council secured a loan from The Treasury to purchase the area as a reserve. Today it’s an invaluable recreational resource of mature lowland native bush.

This new publication is sponsored by the Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves (FOTBR). See: https://tawabush.org.nz

Redwood Bush Tawa Gil Roper book cover 2022

The colour-illustrated, 160-page, A4 size book features:

  • native bush in Tawa at the time of pioneer settlement
  • some history of the Redwood subdivision
  • residents of Tawa protest and action is taken
  • recollections by residents of changes in Redwood Bush over time
  • walking Redwood Bush in the present day
  • visual details of the native flora and birds in Redwood Bush and how these have changed
  • lizard studies, lichens and fungi recorded in Redwood Bush
  • pest control and the resurgence of the flora and fauna
  • information on a new signed botanical walk in Redwood Bush.

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Price for pre-launch orders

Up to and including the launch evening of Tuesday 18 October, books may be ordered for $25 per copy, then paid for and collected either at the launch, or for Tawa residents, these can be delivered, if the addresses are provided with orders.

Please place orders with Denis Rogerson, Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves: denisrogerson@gmail.com

Ideally, payment can be made by direct credit into FOTBR’s bank account, using ‘Surname and initials’ as Reference and ‘Redwood Bk’ in Details: 03 – 1534 – 0043966 – 25

For those who live beyond Wellington, books can be ordered but will incur an extra few dollars postage cost. When placing an order with Denis, please indicate the address to which the book is to be sent. From 19 October 2022 onwards, books can be purchased directly from ‘Tawa Books and Post’ for $30 (cash) or ordered by email from Denis Rogerson for $30 per copy.

Please note:

This book is published by FOTBR which is a non-profit organisation and seeks to defray the cost of printing through the sales of the book.

Published by Friends of Tawa Bush

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