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Welcome to Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves

The Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves is a local environmental care group.  We work to promote and enhance the conservation and long term preservation of bush reserves in Tawa.

We liaise with the Wellington City Council to achieve these aims.

Have you experienced a walk-through of all the well preserved native bush reserves that Tawa has to offer?

We are so privileged to have these within our suburb!

Here’s why our native bush matters – in pictures

Ensuring that the indigenous bush reserves of Tawa remain an inspiration and joy for today’s citizens, and for future generations

What We Provide


We undertake active guardianship on matters concerning the indigenous bush reserves of Tawa

Regular working bees

Members and school groups participate to improve the public access tracks, to undertake tree planting, weeding around planted trees, or pest plant removal

photo of four flowering native plants

Education & Knowledge

We encourage interest, use, and research into the historical, cultural, scientific, ecological, botanical and recreational aspects of the bush areas of Tawa

Come join in

Our Upcoming Events

Bring along your gloves and lend a hand tending our native taonga

Sunday Working Bee

1:30pm – 4.00pm

11th July 2021
(postponed due to weather)

Redwood Estate

Tree Planting

Access via Unit 19, 42 Main Road, Tawa

Tuesday Working Bee

1:30pm – 4.00pm

27th July 2021

Tawa MenZshed

Tree Planting

Porirua Stream besides 86 Oxford Street, Tawa

Weeding Workbee

10.00am – 2.00pm

10th July 2021

Greyfriars Crescent

Jasmine vine weeding

Meet at top of Greyfriars Cres, Tawa


residents in Tawa


plants in the ground




pests caught (this year)

Did you know…

Massive Tawa live here

Tawa is reputed to have the biggest Tawa tree in the Wellington region. Do you know where this tree is in Redwood Bush? It’s trunk girth at chest height is 3.14m!

We saved huge Matai trees

Have you seen the huge matai trees in Larsen Crescent Reserve that were saved by local residents from being felled at the time of housing development?

We have mature Nikau

Nikau are the only endemic palm that grows in our NZ native bush and the southern-most palm in the world. The only Tawa reserve to contain mature nikau is Wilf Mexted Reserve.

Guided Walks

If you would like to take part in a guided walk through one of our gems of native reserves, please feel free to contact us

Reserves and Walks

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than they seek.” 

John Muir

Books on Tawa Reserves

Available to purchase at the Tawa Library

Book Tawa tree community reserves by Gil Roper

(Click on the covers for more detail)

Book Cover Tawa Parks and Reserves by Gil Roper

Thanks to Gil Roper for the research and content contributed to this site

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The Tawa Area – Then and Now

View over Tawa Flat with the Porirua-Johnsonville Motorway, Linden Primary School and the communities of Raroa Park, Linden, Tawa and Redwood, Wellington City. Whites Aviation Ltd: Photographs. Ref: WA-47281-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/30633703 & Google Earth Image 2021

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