Pest control in Tawa reserves in 2021

Denis Rogerson on Pest Control Denis reports that as for 2020, Covid-19 restrictions meant that there were fewer checks undertaken than they would have liked. However, a significant advancement in 2021 was completing the task of transferring manual records as far back as 2016 to an online data base called Trap.NZ. This has the advantageContinue reading “Pest control in Tawa reserves in 2021”

Pest control in Tawa bush reserves

Denis Rogerson, from the FOTBR committee, reports on the monitoring and maintenance of approximately 100 bait stations and 25 traps in the Tawa reserves. These are used to control possums, rats, mustelids and hedgehogs and are important for the health and vitality of native flora and fauna Although possum numbers are well down, historically speaking,Continue reading “Pest control in Tawa bush reserves”