Yes – You Can Help!

Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves (FOTBR) continue to serve the Tawa community. We are grateful for the ongoing support for our group as we help maintain and develop the different Tawa bush reserves.

Contribute services/skill

FOTBR carries out advocacy and advisory work, as well as strategic reviews. Therefore, if you are involved in these areas of work, FOTBR would welcome service providers to offer their assistance via the following link: FOTBR Services.

Contribute materials

FOTBR carries out repairs and maintenance. If you are a supplier of materials such as timber and tooling, FOTBR would welcome offers of material via the following link: FOTBR Materials.

Donate via Internet Banking

FOTBR bank account is WESTPAC 03 1534 0043966 25. Please enter your name in the ‘Reference’ field on your online payment form. Your receipt will be sent to the email address you provide via the following link: FOTBR Supporter.

Ongoing supporter

Email us to become a  FOTBR Supporter and make regular donations.

Gifts and Bequests

We are all touched by the society in which we live. As wonderful as New Zealand is, there remains much that can be done to make Tawa an even better place for us all to live. This can be achieved by helping FOTBR to continue to develop the bush reserves in our local community. Your gift will be used to develop and improve access to reserves, that will in turn enable life changes through the enhancement of societal wellbeing.

Choosing to remember FOTBR with a gift in your will is the perfect way to help Tawa become a better place for those who follow by leaving a legacy. More information is available via the following link: FOTBR Gifts & Bequests.


Thank you so much for continuing to support our work in and around the Tawa area as we work to progressively develop and maintain the native bush reserves in our community.

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