Signed Botanical Walk in Redwood Bush

2022 Redwood Bush Botanical Walk entrance and new botanical signs

Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves (FOTBR) has worked with WCC to design and produce a signed botanical walk, that features twenty of the native trees in Redwood Bush. Local Tawa signage company ‘Imagine That’ has made the signs and members of FOTBR will finance and install them. One sample is shown below.

2022 Redwood Bush Botanical Walk Sign for Tawa Tree

Large text and visual images pertaining to the features of the trees are planned to promote interest for those walking the tracks. Also, they are intended to provide an educational purpose for groups that walk in Redwood Bush. The signed walk will commence from Achilles Close and progress towards Peterhouse Street.

Opening date

The walk will be officially opened on Saturday afternoon 15 October 2022, at 2pm at the Achilles Close entrance. Members of FOTBR will be there to guide people on the walk and point out important features of the signs. The timing of this will be close to another event pertaining to Redwood Bush.

This will be the launch of a new book, ‘Redwood Bush, Tawa’ written and illustrated by Tawa author Gil. Roper and published by FOTBR. The launch will be at the Tawa Community Centre at 6pm on Tuesday 18 October 2022

See here for detail regarding Redwood Bush, Tawa book

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