Public Redwood Bush walk, hosted by FOTBR on 4 December 2022

2022_12_04_Redwood Bush Guided Walk at Entrance

It was such a pleasure to go on this guided walk the other day!

The weather was perfect for a wee walk in the bush, and boy did we learn a lot along the way. Gil Roper is a fount of knowledge on the history and plants in this area and we were really lucky to be guided along by him.

The new botanical signs were very informative and made pleasant stopping points to have a talk and question time about the flora we were all enjoying. The fact that there are 20 signs shows just how much diversity there is in Redwood bush. Lots to discover on your next walk.

After making our way through Redwood Bush, Andrew Liley then showed us the beautiful matai in Larsen Cres Reserve, these huge trees are incredible, such a treasure.

Somehow having a deeper knowledge and appreciation for what is right here in our backyard is really helpful in these busy times, to just stop, appreciate and connect with our special part of nature here in our reserves, can only be good for us! Also from learning more of the fraught history, something we need to continue to protect.

Thanks for a great guided walk Gil (and Andrew who also added a lot of his knowledge!) Liz and Gary Bouda

Credit: Article text and images Liz Bouda

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