Progress on the irrigation project at the nursery

Foggers in action at the nursery 02_22

Joanne has reported on some exciting happenings down at the nursery.

James has set up the pipes in the shade houses while (ed. still cast-clad) Joanne put the “foggers” together – whilst sitting on one of the couches in the Menzshed kitchen.

James returned and set up more pipes, and they actually got the system going! There are a few more little things to tidy up, but it is very close to being up and running – well, phase one anyway, which is just the shade houses. 

The bank planted at a previous working bee is also starting to look pretty good – thanks to John who got some more mulch, Ross who moved it all in to place, and James who raked it level.

Here are some photo’s of the bank at the back of the nursery to show how’s it’s come along…

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