Completed lower track in the Forest of Tawa/Te Ngahere-o-Tawa

During June and July, WCC contractors undertook significant work, developing a new track, finally compacting the surface to enable stability of the surface.

During this work, some windfall pine trees were cut, while native tree seedlings were repositioned near the track. Throughout the process, John Burnet and Andrew Liley maintained a watchful eye on proceedings and relocated native seedlings that were in the path of the new track

Windfall pine trees cut through to enable the track development.

Appreciation is given to the work undertaken by WCC contractors in forming this track. Work is now underway developing the upper section of the track towards the Spicer Forest access road.

The well-formed compacted track gives access through the lower area of Forest of Tawa alongside mature pines and natives.

Thanks to Andrew Liley who on behalf of FOTBR, monitored the work and provided the above photos.

Map of part of Forest of Tawa/Te Ngahere-o-Tawa

Forest of Tawa new track map May 2021

In centre of map:

—- red lines indicate the new track being developed by WCC contractors

—- yellow lines that indicate the existing, steeper track

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