Know the native tree species in Tawa reserves with Gil Roper – Kanono

Kanono male flowers

Kanono or Coprosma autumnalis

—- previously named C. grandifolia—-

Kanono is a common shrub, up to 6m found in shady, damp and sheltered parts of all the native bush reserves in Tawa.

Recognition features of kanono:

  • plants are dioecious (have separate male and female plants). Male flowers have dangling stamens that produce pollen while female flowers have spiky stigmas to capture pollen as it is transferred by wind.
  • very large broad, olive-green leaves are opposite to each other.
  • stipules are present at the base of the stem between the leaf petioles
  • domatia (small pits) are visible on the underside of leaves near the mid-rib and appear as ‘bumps’ on the upper leaf surface. (See arrows in the photos below).
  • ripe orange fruit is eaten by a range of bird species.

How to identify Kanono

Article Source: Gil Roper June 2021

Published by Friends of Tawa Bush

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