Developments in the Forest of Tawa / Te Ngahere-o-Tawa

Forest of Tawa entrance sign

Following the purchase of the original Forest of Tane by WCC in early 2017, a significant amount of clearance and replanting has taken place beyond the Kiwi Crescent entrance. (See FOTBR newsletters August 2019 and August 2020). Further planting occurred in 2020 on the higher slopes.

John Burnet reports that WCC are currently funding and arranging for a new Forest of Tawa track to be built from the Kiwi Cres entrance to the Meridian Road, linking to the Porirua Landfill, Ohariu Valley Road and the Te Araroa Trail. See

The existing route (an old farm track) is too steep to be safely shared by walkers and downhill bikers. Therefore, a new shared track is being built with a reduced gradient and more zig zag corners. Mana Cycle Group will build a new bikers-only downhill route on the western side of the bush where there are fewer regenerating native trees. 

Details of the old and proposed tracks can be seen on the map at the bottom of this post

New track

The new track was carefully surveyed and marked out by WCC Parks and Reserves staff to avoid removal of pines and emergent natives such as kahikatea, matai, miro, rimu, tawa and totara. However seedlings of these slow-growing heritage species that were in the path of the digger have been carefully removed by Andrew Liley and John Burnet and relocated to the sides of the new track.

The new track will still allow walkers to obtain spectacular views of Tawa and glimpses of Duval Grove and Peterhouse St at the southern end of this track. 

Currently, the contractor is making good progress on the track and has completed about 80% of the uphill route. For safety reasons, the existing route will be eventually decommissioned and tree planting and strategic log placement done.

Map of part of Forest of Tawa/Te Ngahere-o-Tawa

Forest of Tawa new track map May 2021

In centre of map:

—- red lines indicate the new track being developed by WCC contractors

—- yellow lines that indicate the existing, steeper track

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