Delighted with Redwood Bush

Redwood bush track
Below is an excerpt of some very happy feedback from a Tawa resident, relating their special experiences over the years with Redwood Bush – their ‘bit of paradise’

“… I am very impressed by some of the improvements made to our track through the Tawa Redwood Bush. I have walked the track every day, rain or shine from the day it was laid with clay and shingle, with our two dogs. First was Jasper, a brindle boxer and now Mikey our miniature poodle. We have met many interesting people with all breeds of dogs, puffing runners and serious walkers.

It has been a wonderful experience with the magnificent scenery of beautiful native bush and the ever changing variety of trees and ferns. We delight in our fascinating bird life from the graceful Kereru, the bold Tui, the flickering Piwakawaka, the lively Kakariki, the majestic Karearea and we hear the call in the evening of Ruru reminding us that all is well in the bush. We enjoy the delightful stream which meanders calmly through the bush and sometimes becomes a roaring torrent. It is our bit of paradise. I call the walk my yoga as it helps keep me fit at 82 years old.

It has been wonderful since the Possums have been removed. The native trees and ferns have slowly recovered over the years and are flourishing…”

That’s just awesome to hear, and we hope more and more people will enjoy our amazing treasure – right here in our backyard in Tawa.

Published by Friends of Tawa Bush

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