Know the native tree species in Tawa reserves with Gil Roper – Kanono

Kanono or Coprosma autumnalis –—- previously named C. grandifolia –—- Kanono is a common shrub, up to 6m found in shady, damp and sheltered parts of all the native bush reserves in Tawa. Recognition features of kanono: plants are dioecious (have separate male and female plants). Male flowers have dangling stamens that produce pollen while female flowersContinue reading “Know the native tree species in Tawa reserves with Gil Roper – Kanono”

Tawa trees – a vintage year for the fruit

Tawa trees dominate our native bush reserves and in late 2020 and early 2021, the fruit production has been prolific – far more than in recent years. The oval purple/black fruit are obvious on the ground. Tawa seed are difficult to germinate and especially progress further to seedlings and then young trees. They are veryContinue reading “Tawa trees – a vintage year for the fruit”

Did you see this? A yellow flowered pohutukawa tree in Tawa

December brings a greater awareness of pohutukawa trees (Metrosideros excelsa) due to the bright red-coloured flowers. However, a tree near 300 Main Road, Tawa had distinctly yellow flowers. Some trees can have white, pink or yellow-coloured flowers. However, apart from the flower colour, the other features of the tree are typically the same as theContinue reading “Did you see this? A yellow flowered pohutukawa tree in Tawa”

Have you observed lemonwood trees recently?

Aromatic smell Lemonwood or tarata (Pittosporum eugenioides) is common throughout the margins of the Tawa bush reserves. However, it is also growing in the community itself, (eg adjacent to the Tawa Squash Courts). Tarata is conspicuous at this time of year because of the aromatic, cream-coloured flowers These flowers, as well as the crushed leaves,Continue reading “Have you observed lemonwood trees recently?”