Pest control in Tawa reserves in 2021

Photo of the Larsen Crescent Reserve Entrance | Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves

Denis Rogerson on Pest Control

Denis reports that as for 2020, Covid-19 restrictions meant that there were fewer checks undertaken than they would have liked. However, a significant advancement in 2021 was completing the task of transferring manual records as far back as 2016 to an online data base called Trap.NZ. This has the advantage of increased visibility of data. (WCC`s overview of predator activity across the city) and the ability for data analysis.)

Overall, from the bait stations in the reserves in 2021, 75 kg of bait was taken, compared with 72kg in 2020. For trapping, 34 hedgehogs were captured, compared with 35 in 2020, and 59 rats, compared with 58 in 2020. This data indicates that in general, pests in the Tawa reserves are being suppressed rather than eliminated.

In 2022, in conjunction with WCC, FOTBR are looking to significantly increase the number of traps, and that should increase the potential for greater reduction of pests.

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